Fall 2018

Project Ideation & Programming Meetings

We are changing cadence to quarterly; The next web-conference will be January 16th @ 10 AM

Please join the meeting by clicking on this link:

This one link will provide in-browser voice-over-internet as well as allow you to use your camera. It does assume that you can use a microphone & speakers with your computer's internet connection. Also, this all sort-of assumes you have a camera (not required) 😊.


Holiday Season Content

We have translated the holiday closure calendars into Veterans Day and Thanksgiving holiday closure notices. These will run staggered through the month of November. Veterans day closure notices will run until the holiday passes and then, Thanksgiving will be displayed.

Holiday Magic / Dicken's  Christmas.
If any organizations are participating in this event and want to call special attention to staff or sponsorship, please let us know. As of now, we have no collateral in the pipeline for the Holiday Magic event.

Special Content
We have prepared new content for:

  • American Diabetes Month
  • Veterans Day
  • 11/17 World Prematurity Day


The seasonal screen decor was deployed Saturday. Small accents for Fall/Thanksgiving and non-denominational Christmas holiday will display throughout the season.