August & September 2018

Our Support Line (800 Number)

Over the past 18 months, we have averaged less than 0.15 calls per month over the support line. We decided to shut it down on the 1st of August, 2018. Since all of our customers and partners primarily communicate with us over email, a direct call, or web chat (%99.99 of the time), this was not a hard decision. 

We still have people in the field with cell phones on their sides. The 800 number, however, no longer functions.

Project Ideation & Programming Meetings

We had re-established a cadence for our partner content and project meetings, but scheduling can become tricky on both sides, and we frequently wound up pushing back or canceling.

As an alternative to those traditional meetings, we will now be hosting monthly internet-based teleconferences. All are welcome and invitations will be forthcoming.

We will be available to discuss production, programming, moves, adds, changes, new development, or anything else you want us to work on. You don't have to stay on the call until it ends, and you don't have to be there at 10 AM on the dot.

Our first web-conference will be September 19th @10AM

Please join the meeting, by clicking on this link:

The Meeting ID is: m51-171-788

If you can't join the online meeting, you can join on your phone. Dial (646) 769 9101 to join the conference call. Your Meeting ID: 51171788


You have heard this before, but last year we made two major changes. First, we merged Signnovate (software) and 6Signs (service) entirely, and then we relocated the whole thing down the road. The last 12 months have been very busy.

We are still in the Collab, our primary business location, as well as in HQ Greensboro, The Frontier and the American Underground in Durham.

"Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss."

Roger Daltrey knew it, and I think everyone knows this as well, but last year Christie took over the helm as CEO. You probably got the memo but didn't notice anything all that different.


ChromeOS/Rise Player 

Those organizations that have been with us for a while will remember the early days of our partnership with Risevision (content management service) and the ChromeOS (little black boxes with a Google logo on them). Though only a few of our partners remain on ChromeOS-based Digital Media Devices, we in the lab are still feeling some discomfort while our primary software provider finds their way through an update issue. 

We are sharing as much performance data back to the publisher as we can, and though we are not alone in this, we hope to have this issue resolved soon.

If any affected customers want to schedule a hardware/software update and permanently move away from ChromeOS on your displays, just let us know, and we will get right on it.